"IMMORTALIZE" your engine & transmission: Make Your Vehicle Run Virtually Forever with  NO MAJOR BREAKDOWNS!

We field tested Nichels Engine Products in "Tinker Toy" our Top Fuel Funny Car.

There is a lot of "snake oil" on the market that claims unbeleivable results. So we put Nichels Engine Treatment (N.E.T.) to the test at 280 MPH in 5.3 seconds. The 500 cubic inch, Keith Black, 4000 plus horsepower engine answered our questions for us!

Normal Main Bearing Life - 4 to 6 passes; with N.E.T. over 40 passes without any discernible wear.

Crankshaft Normal Life - 4 to 6 passes; with N.E.T. over 40 passes without any discernible wear.

Rear End Gears Normal Life - 10 to 12 passes; with N.E.T. over 60 passes without any discernible wear.

If we got the above results under that kind of stress, imagine what it can do for you! It protects new engines and adds life to older engines.

We know the product works - the only way you are going to find out - try it!

Art Hendey - Owner, Driver - "Tinker Toy"

April 7, 2009
From: Steve Reel
Fleet Manager (Retired)
Crown Point, Indiana School District

Re: MPG50 fuel treatment;

Dear Sir:   

 I was contacted recently by Mr. Tim Leahy, the formulating chemist for MPG50 fuel treatment products. He asked me if I would please give you a description of my fleet experiences with the Nichels fuel and engine friction treatment products. 

First, please permit me to give you a brief rundown on my experience in the fleet management and maintenance industry.  

I was apprenticed at Gary Freightliner in 1974. I completed my apprenticeship at Ruan Transport/Lease Inc., terminal #269 Lansing, IL In 1979.

I went to work for Ryder truck rental until 1981.

I took the night shift start up mechanic position at Owens International Harvester in 1981.

I was a floor mechanic and processed all warranty claims until 1986. 

In 1986, I took a position with Crown Point Community Schools as Head Mechanic.

At that time we were a 38 unit fleet. Between 1986 and 1991 we grew a fast pace, becoming a 90 unit fleet. From 1991 until 2009 we grew to 110 power units with, 30 maintenance department units of van, pickup and 9-ton dump trucks. 

We, like all other fleets here in the Midwest, struggle with extreme variations in temperature, humidity and fuel quality.

In December 1991 we received a load of fuel from a bulk supplier that was contaminated with water. That night, the temperature went from 38*F to -10*F in the span of about 6 hours.  

This would be enough to tax the best of fuels however, with the contamination being added into the equation, we were “up the creek without a paddle”.  

We retrieved units along the road all that morning. We found ice in filters, prescreens and in the bottoms of the tanks of all units fueled since the arrival of that load of bad fuel.

Buying any fuel additive had been disallowed that previous fall because all of the products were considered to be “snake oil” by our then business manager. I put forward the idea of buying mpg50 to my business agent in the summer of 1991 to no avail. 

I called Mr. Ray Nichels, who sold this product and asked him to bring us out a barrel of the product. I was warned that “if this does not fix the problem, you are out”. 

So, I hoped that Ray Nichels was right.

We added the product to the bulk tank and, to each vehicle’s fuel tank individually.

We changed all of the filters in all the units and after having chased units in the sub zero cold for 3 days, we finally achieved success. The water in the tanks was no longer evident. Nor, was it evident in any filters that we pulled after having used the product. 

I did a test for myself by mixing fuel with water in a glass and, adding the fuel treatment drop by drop. The water was completely dispersed within a few seconds. You may well want to do that little demonstration for yourself at your shop. 

Since that time, December 1991, we have used these products exclusively in our fuels, both gasoline and diesel.  

With the advent of low sulfur and then, ultra low sulfur fuels, we have had the good fortune to have changed very few injectors on diesel units and none on any throttle body or, single port style fuel injected diesel engines. We have also eliminated all of our concerns regarding fuel clouding, water condensation and fuel lubricity. Furthermore, we have enjoyed an increase in fuel mileage of approximately 1 to 1.5 miles per gallon, which (for school buses) is a 25% mileage increase. These numbers were arrived at by comparing units that ran routes similar to one another in average road speed, terrain, idle time and application. 

I will state categorically that these products not only kept my fleet up during one of the most severe winters on record for the Midwest, but also saved my job in the process. 

It has also saved us labor time (money) and parts expenses (money) for injector replacement. 

After about 2 years of using the product I was able to substantially extend my oil drain intervals due to a cleaner burn, resulting in less end point residue in the motor oil. 

No, it is not a cure all for bad oil control or, compression rings or, regular oil and filter replacement intervals, but it has made a substantial difference and oil analysis has shown this to be true. 

Again, if you have any questions regarding my methodology or fuel tracking, please feel free to contact me.  

Sincerely yours,
Steve Reel

Fleet Manager (Retired)

I am Franklin Peacock. I live in south Georgia, better known as Waycross and I pastor a church.

Many of my church families use hospitals that are over a 100 miles or more away from our town.

While in Jacksonville, Fla. I was listening to talk radio.I heard this spin on a gas treatment called MPG50.
Fuel costs are so high today and I can use as much as three tankfuls of gasoline a week.  To be honest I have heard these claims before and they turned out to be false.

I waited about a week before I looked up the website, MPG50.com and I placed an order for six bottles.

I put MPG50 in my dodge truck with a 5.9 V8 engine made a 250 mile trip to visit a sick church member in the hospital.  I averaged about 65 miles per hour and 18 miles per gallon on gas. Yes it worked well immediately at that speed, whereas before I had been averaging only 15 miles per gallon.  This is the best mileage my truck has ever done since it was manufactured.

I have just received my second MPG50 order this morning. I have sold my friends a case and now many others are asking for this product. It works exceptionally well and will save me money every time I stop at the gas pump. I own 3 vehicles. The treatment is in the tanks and by the end of the month I will see the savings in my gas bill.

The oil treatment was put in my truck yesterday and I will report its additional success real soon.

I can't help but believe that other gas users need this savings & reduction in wear & tear on their engines.
Rev. Franklin Peacock

Date: Wed, 18 June 2008
Testimonial from Store Owner, Linda Craig
Georgetown, KY
Subject: gasoline/diesel fuel treatment

Dear Daily Savings Club,

Thank you so very much for recommending your MPG50 money-saving gasoline & diesel additive to us. I have now finished my third tank of gas using MPG50 and am enjoying a substantial increase in miles per gallon. 

In mostly city driving my 2004 Ford Explorer was only getting 11.2 MPG before, but now with MPG50 in my tank I get 16.47 MPG. This is an increase in mileage of better than 47% which saves me $1.91 per gallon at the gas pump. With gas now at $4.07 a gallon in Georgetown, KY, one $25 bottle of MPG50 saves me $305.60 in gasoline costs.

I am excited to be the distributor in the Georgetown/Lexington, Kentucky area for MPG50 and look forward to helping my customers overcome high gasoline costs. I know the word will spread fast, as we all hate to pay so much money to fill up our gas tanks.

With your 30-day money-back guarantee on MPG50, I expect that I will soon have customers lined up at my store to buy it.

Linda Craig
Bluegrass Boots & Saddles
Georgetown, KY 40324

To  Mr. Ray Nichels

My name is Bruce Lee and I 0wn J. B. Lee Transportation Co. in Pontiac, Illinois. I have some 150 pieces of equipment on the road. I use Nichels products in most everything I own. 

I have Cummins engines and I get 10 to 15% better fuel mileage and all my equipment runs smoother, has more horsepower and lasts longer. My transmissions and rear ends run 40 to 60 degrees cooler.

We log 1,300,000 miles per year and I am saving dollars on fuel, down time and maintenance per year. Thank you Mr. Nichels and thank your distributor, Mr. Hershal B. Carter.

Sincerely, Bruce Lee

PS: I recommend Nichels products to everyone, especially trucking companies. We need all the help we can get.

 Virtus Cordes
Belle Plain, Iowa

Dear Sir:

When visiting with you about your Engine Treatment I decided to give it a try. I put it in my car and gained 2 miles per gallon with an increase in performance. Then I put it in my pickup with the same results.

I am now using Nichels Engine Treatment in all my tractors and one combine with the hydralic treatmen in the tractor transmissions. Anyone familiar witha 1086 IHC tractor has the experience that it has a hard and rough shifting transmission. After treating and driving the tractor in the field for one day, it was quite noticeable how much easier it shifted.

One amazing thing I noticed about the Hydralic Treatment when I put it in my hydrostatic transmission in my 815 IHC combine, (in case you don't know, on this combine the hydrostatic pump has a metal to metal mount and it transmits a "hydrostatic whine" up to the cab and the noise gets on one's nerves), your hydralic treatment greatly deecreased the hydrostatic noise in the cab and improved the shifting.

Last year I started using Nichels Fuel Treatment in my gas and diesel fuel which also reduces carbon. Again, an increase in performance and another mile per gallon. I pulled the injectors on one tractor and they were extra clean.

I had new main bearings put in an old tractor. The mechanic said it was the cleanest engine he had ever seen.

Last fall Iwas servicing my furnace and saw the firepot was completely lined with hard carbon. I thought what an excellent place to try Nichels fuel additive. After treating 400 gallons of #2 diesel fuel, the firepot is completely free of carbon and no more fuel oil smell.

Great products. YOU CAN BET ON THEM!

Virtus Cordes

This is an unsolicited statement of why I believe in Nichels Energy Products.

I have used Nichels products in all of my vehicles since October 1989.

On December 21 my family and I left our home in Spring Hill, Kansas for a holiday vacation with relatives in Ohio. Our 1989 Ford Aerostar had been treated with Nichels Engine Treatment on October 30, 1989 and was about 800 miles from needing the oil changed which I do every 3000 miles.

I stopped for fuel and a brief rest in Effingham, IL and I checked the oil in the van which was only less than a half a quart low, this level was acceptable after 2500 miles since the last oil change. We continued our trip which came to what could have been a total financial disaster had it not been for the Nichels Permanent Engine Treatment.

Sixteen miles into Ohio my engine started knocking which my wife alerted me to the sound. I immediately pulled over and noticed I had zero oil pressure just befor I shut the engine off. The outside temperature and windchill was -49 degrees Fahrenheit and I was 4 miles from the nearest service station. Thanks to a couple of concerned truck drivers and a young felloe who took me back to my vehicle with four quartes of oil I had purchased to try and get my vehicle to the service station to be looked at. It only took 3 qts. to bring the oil level back to normal which meant I had only 1 1/2 qts. left in the crankcase. 

The van ran fine but I still changed the oil filter and oil as a precaution after not being able to locate where the oil actually blew out thru because the engine on the oil filter side was bathed in oil. I changed the oil again a week later along with the filter because I still had not been able to locate the cause for what happened to the vehicle. I seriously believe that had I not had the Nichels Treatment in the crankcase of my van I would be looking at some pretty expensive repairs to my engine to say nothing of being 700 miles from my home when it happened. 

I have had the vehicle checked by the Ford dealership where I live and they have found no problems or explanations for what happened other than the PCV valve may have had some moisture in it and with the extreme weather conditions froze and caused the pressure to go so high it blew out the oil filter seal. The mechanics replaced the PCV valve and they are still wondering why the engine did not freeze up.

I feel lucky to have made my decision to use your product in both of my vehicles, the changes in operating temperature of 1989 GMC truck and increased power, and now the saving of the engine in the 89 Aerostar along with increased savings in fuel I have no doubt about the quality of your products.

Thank you,                                                                                                             From a firm believer A.C.M.                                                                                                                       Spring Hill, KS

Nichels Permanent Engine Treatment Saved My Engine.

Mr. Ray Nichels, 1115 E. Main St., Griffith, IN 46319

Dear Mr. Nichels,

I wanted to write and thank you for the benefits I have received from Nichels Engine Treatment. You told me all kninds of great things this product would do for my car, but I thought if it only does half of these things it would be great. I think the product does more than you even told me it would do.

I put Nichels Engine Treatment into my 1973 Pontiac Grand Prix with the 400 cubic inch engine. The first thing I noticed was an increase in my idle RPM, ABOUT A 200 RPM increase. Top speed increased about 10 miles per hour. My engine runs cooler and starts much easier.

I stopped in a Self Service Station to fill my tank with gasoline, cheking my oil I found no oil on the dip stick. I inspected the car and found a hole in my oil filter. I have no idea when this happened. It was past time for an oil change so I decided I would driveback to work and change the oil there. I got busy and forgot about the oil and oil filter, drove the car home and back to work the next day before changing the oil and filter. I drove the car at least seventy (70) miles with no oil and the engine was not damaged. (A Miracle)

Thanks again for such a fine product as Nichels Engine Treatment.


JohnTinsley 6400 Harrison                                                                                                                           Merrillville, IN 46410

Turkey Creek Golf Course

If you would like to talk with me about these products, I am available at the number listed below. I know that the same as with me, fuel is your biggest recurring cost. So are engine repairs. Tim Leahy: 630-303-9833

*GUARANTEE: To qualify for a refund based on our guarantee you must use MPG50 & Nichels Engine Treatment in your vehicle as directed above with at least 3 concurrent tankfuls of treated fuel using the recommended Test Procedure which you find here: http://www.mpg50.com/test_factors.php

MORE FUEL-SAVINGS: Links nationwide showing today's lowest gasoline & diesel fuel prices. Click: http://www.gaspricewatch.com/ to get a list of gas prices near you. You may use this website as well: http://www.gasbuddy.com/


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