Our $$$-Making MPG50 Green Energy Affiliate Program:

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Save Fellow Motorists $1 Per Gallon, Help Our Country's Oil Independence, Reduce Exhaust Pollution Emissions By 90% & Be Exceptionally Well Paid For Your Efforts!  

 The major energy problem our country has today is the high gasoline & diesel fuel prices, and our dependence on Mideast oil which are now serious national economic and security issues.

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Americans use an estimated 350 million gallons of gasoline daily, so a 25% savings means that we can give our economy the equivalent of a $5.25 billion Economic Stimulus Package every month & that's based only on passenger vehicles. There is also substantial fuel savings to be had by gasoline & diesel transport trucks, locomotives, warships, cargo ships & pleasure boats.

Our Affiliate Plan will make you substantial money simply for being Patriotic & referring MPG50 to your fellow Americans.

MPG50 Affiliate Plan Benefits:

  • No Cost For This Business: Simply signup on auto-ship for one $25 bottle/month qualifies you to receive regular commissions.
  • No Inventory Requirement: Simply refer people to our website - MPG50.com - to order using your affiliate code number. 
  • Sales is a "No Brainer": Customers receive $600 in Vacation Vouchers for buying a $25 trial bottle of MPG50. We pay customers $600 just to try it, because we know they'll love & continue to use it forever.
  • We have a Moneyback Guarantee & in 40 years we have never had a damage claim or a bottle returned.
  • Refer just 10 friends, neighbors & co-workers (Of course, there is no limit on the number of motorists you can refer). Here's an example with 10 referrals (who duplicate your effort) 


  • Your 1st Level pays $2.50/bottle - 10 x $2.50 = $25/month
  • Your 2nd Level pays $2.50/bottle - 100 x $2.5 = $250/month  
  • Your 3rd Level pays $2.50/bottle - 1000 x $2.5 = $2500/month
  • Your 4th Level pays $2.50/bottle - 10000 x $2.5 = $25000/month

And $25 + $250 + $2500 + $25000 = $27,775/month or $333,300.00/year.    


Become an affiliate instantly by subscribing to the monthly MPG50 autoship. You will receive one bottle each month for the low monthly rate of $25 + $5 shipping. Simply click the PayPal button & START TODAY.

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